About us

«Modulbambu» was founded by Heinz Loosli in 2009 in Nicaragua. Funded mainly through public and private donations in its initial phase, the non-profit, socially-oriented organization aims at developing bamboo as a sustainable resource for cheap and ecological living and working spaces by means of a simple joinery construction technique.

«Modulbambu» operates in a socially responsible manner, initiating residential building projects using bamboo in accordance with the sustainability principle of helping people help themselves. At the same time, «Modulbambu» guarantees its employees fair working conditions and the possibility to acquire new and useful skills and knowledge on the job.

«Modulbambu» additionally also heads up trainings on the topic of «Planting, cultivating and utilizing bamboo» in cooperation with specialists. The organization thereby helps make a relevant contribution to the strengthening of the usage of sustainable indigenous resources.