Show home


In Penonomé the first demonstration house made of bamboo was built with the push-fit system of Modulbambu. Location

The show home with a size of 30 m2 is suitable for two to three people; it has everything a living space needs: a living room with kitchenette, a bedroom, shower/lavatory and a patio. During the conception stage the tropical climate conditions on location were especially taken especially into consideration. The home has a simple but efficient ventilation system for heat dissipation and an insulated exterior rice bowl plaster, which provides a comfortable interior room climate – without air conditioning! Moreover, the rice bowls are recycled rest products. In addition to this, the house is not only CO2-neutral but also contributes to climate protection. If bamboo were used more often for construction, fewer trees in the rainforest, which grow back much slower than bamboo, would have to be cut down. It also makes sense for poorer national economies to utilize their own affordable resources than to import expensive building materials from other countries.

Impressions from the house

Impressions during construction

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